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A huge thank you to Lead Forensics

Posted on: April 4, 2018
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Did you ever think about how much fun could be had raising money for Pump Aid?

Leading US/UK based software company Lead Forensics was super-excited about helping communities in Malawi to gain access to clean water and, on a warm and sunny 3rd March, found a great way of doing just that. For the ultimate team bonding experience, the office in Scottsdale, Arizona, organised a pub-crawl to raise money and awareness about Pump Aid’s work, and have a fabulous time with colleagues along the way!

Senior Sales Executive Clarissa Tavernier reported: “Through all of the support from the Scottsdale community who participated, we were able to raise and donate a fantastic $2,141!” Connor Allen added: “Thank you again Pump Aid for allowing us to host an event which helped such a great cause! We look forward to partnering again soon.”

“Here on this side of the pond, we are very curious to know the nature of the blue liquid in the goldfish bowl that clearly proved so popular. Despite the effect that it seems to have had on the rubber duck (which, we understand, used to be yellow) we are reliably informed that no Lead Forensics employees were permanently damaged by their antics.” 

Here at Pump Aid, we would like to say a huge thank you to Lead Forensics for supporting our work. We are really looking forward to working together again soon.

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