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My Experience as a Fundraising Intern

Posted on: February 14, 2017
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Hi, I’m Chloe,

I’m currently working at Pump Aid as a Fundraising and Administration Intern and loving it!


I recently graduated from the University of Exeter after studying International Relations with French and Spanish. In my final year I had to produce a 12,000 word dissertation on anything of my choice so long as it related to my course. Since my first year I had always known that I wanted to write it about the lack of clean water in certain areas of the world. I narrowed it down and ended up writing it on ‘Gender Roles and water-related issues in Africa; how women suffer from the invisible barriers’. My research had clear results; women suffered the most from a lack of clean water and therefore had the most to gain by finding solutions to the issue.

Once I moved on to researching what was being done about this issue, Pump Aid repeatedly came up. They were doing effective work in remote areas, and trialling a new notion of self-supply which was a much more sustainable and lasting idea than simply donating complicated technology and then leaving as many seemed to be doing.

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After spending a year researching the shocking things that these women went through on a daily basis for unclean water, I couldn’t just move on. I applied for an internship with Pump Aid to be able to help make a tangible difference to these women I had studied for so long.

I work closely with Emily, the Fundraising Coordinator and help support the fundraising and communications of the charity. This involves a lot of social media work, to engage and inform people who support us as well as trying to get new support. I also help process any donations we receive, logging them on our database as well as sending thank you letters, because we really are SO grateful for each and every one. I’ve been given a lot of freedom and have started my own project on Instagram as a way of expanding our reach and informing people what we do with an often stunning photo and short caption.

I love the fact that Pump Aid is such a close knit team, everyone is so dedicated to what they are doing. The best thing about my job is seeing the difference that is being made across in Malawi. Every day we get updates on a new pump that has been built, or more people sending their children to school. It’s so rewarding and I couldn’t see myself leaving the International Development sector as nothing else will motivate me more than this!

Feel free to ask any questions and if you’re really keen I can send you the Dissertation as some ‘light’ reading!

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