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Introducing Patrick to our team

Posted on: April 11, 2017
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My name is Patrick. I recently left the world of financial planning and joined Pump Aid to enhance partnerships and relationships with trusts, foundations and philanthropists.

I’m also going to share a few insights to explain how financial planning and philanthropy can go together as there are many ways to support good causes while paying less tax.

Where I’ve come from – financial planning

Before I joined Pump Aid, I had a successful eleven-year career in financial planning.

I most enjoyed and was privileged to uncover what’s important to each client. Everyone has their own ideas of how to spend time and money, whether that’s on dining out, cars, home improvements, clothes or holidays; and then some people can’t wait to retire while others want to work forever.

Once I understood someone’s motivations and fears we (I worked in teams) would then help them make sensible decisions, sometimes difficult ones, to maintain a good lifestyle and manage risks. Behind the scenes we’d be experts on tax, pensions and investments so that clients didn’t have to.

I enjoyed my career but took my own advice and left to find more purpose in the non-profit sector.

What I’m doing now

My role at Pump Aid is to help inspire trusts, foundations and philanthropists to support our innovative, sustainable and multi-dimensional approach to tackling water poverty in Malawi.

I dedicate a lot of my spare time to support local people and communities but Pump Aid opened my eyes to issues outside our borders. It bothered me that, despite years of foreign investment, water points were left malfunctioning so millions of people in Malawi face high incidences of totally avoidable water-borne diseases.

I’m focusing on how to scale up our tried and tested “self-supply” solution to beating water poverty. My mission is to partner with frustrated philanthropists who do not perceive enough value and impact from traditional giving and wish to support something more effective and sustainable.

Financial planning and philanthropy

I’m also going to write a short series of blog posts with insights into how philanthropy can fit with financial planning. The first one will be a round-up of Gift Aid.

You may have seen a Gift Aid declaration when sponsoring someone brave enough to do a marathon or sky-dive or when giving regular amounts to causes that matters to you.

However, you may not have considered the effectiveness of a larger Gift Aid donation when combined with tax planning. It doesn’t sound sexy, but stay tuned to find out more!

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