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Nellie Crop

Working together for WASH in Malawi

Posted on: June 9, 2016
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In an effort to contribute towards improved access to safe and clean water as well and good sanitation for all, Pump Aid works towards partnering and networking with other WASH NGOs in Malawi who are working towards the same goal. Here are some of the highlights on some partnerships and networking activities that I have taken part in this year:

Pump Aid and Concern Universal jointly hosted a Joint Review Meeting at Cross Roads Hotel. We showcased some of the innovations that both organisations are using to improve the livelihoods of rural communities. By providing affordable improved water access.

We have entered into partnership with Ayise, Waste and Blantyre City Council. The partnership will empower and build capacity for small scale entrepreneurs in the sector of solid waste management. The overall result will be economic growth for the entrepreneurs and better still to create a healthy and clean urban environment.

We are particularly excited to be working with Mary’s Meals in Community Based Childcare Centres (CBCCs) to provide a better learning environment for children.

We are also registered and an active member of the WES Network Malawi which is a body that coordinates activities for all the WASH NGOs in the country. This valuable Network delivers its mandate using four Technical Working Groups (TWG), namely, Rural Water Supply, Hygiene & Sanitation, Policy & Advocacy and Research & Documentation. Pump Aid act as the vice chairperson for the Policy & Advocacy working group. As part of this were involved in a campaign for improved financing for Rural Water Service Delivery.

In addition, the Wes Network has recently organised a valuable learning visit to Uganda to learn how the Water and Sanitation Network for the country delivers its mandate. Among the highlights of the trip was a visit we made to the Ministry of Water and Environment to meet the Water Commissioner. We learnt how the Ugandan Government is supporting the Network in most areas. It was particularly interesting to note that in order to access funding the Network must endorse the organisation’s work. The trip helped to coordinate all the WASH NGOs and develop a positive working relationship with Government.

All of these partnership and networking activities help us develop strategic partnerships to improve water and sanitation hygiene access in Malawi. They help us learn from others’ experiences and develop the best working models for maximum impact. But they also mean that no one week is the same as the next in my role. That’s why I enjoy working with Pump Aid. I could be out in a rural community talking to beneficiaries or all the way to Uganda talking to Government! Either way I see the real sustainable difference we are making together.