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Chifumu Kapereke

Water #meanstome: The ability to provide for my family

Posted on: March 3, 2017
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You’ve probably read our Self-Supply blog already, if not, click here to read it! If so, you’ll know all about our pilot project in Kasangu where we trained 25 entrepreneurs to install household pumps in their local areas. Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our entrepreneurs, Chifumu Kapereke.

Kapereke is 51, and comes from Chinyanga Village in the Kasungu district. He earns a living through digging and lining wells, alongside small scale farming. Although he has many years of experience digging wells, he says that since Pump Aid got involved he has seen many positive changes to his skills.

‘Before Pump Aid trained me and the other entrepreneurs, I was building lower quality wells which often collapsed or were built in the wrong place, for example, too near a toilet. Now I have better knowledge of how and where to build the wells so my customers have more durable wells and are much happier with my services.’

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But as Kapereke explains, it wasn’t just his physical skills he improved by joining forces with Pump Aid.

‘The business management training was eye opening too as it taught me to have a vision for my business. Before, I just saw it as a job, but now I am applying good business strategies and managing my finances with more long term plans. This has allowed me to be able to save money and realise the potential of my income from well digging.’

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By having the additional training and motivation from Pump Aid, my personal life has changed so much too.

‘I now own a much better quality house, and I am planning on having it roofed with iron sheets. I also bought 2 goats, and they have now multiplied to 8 which has been a huge blessing to my family. This has all helped me be able to afford to buy school uniform for my 5 children and to be able to provide all the daily needs which my family have. The money from my water business also allows me to invest in things such as seeds and fertiliser for my farming. I have never felt so proud to be able to provide for my family.’


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