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10 insights into Pump Aid’s latest project

Posted on: June 21, 2017

Small Charity Week comes round once a year with the aim of celebrating smaller charities which do incredible work with smaller teams and smaller budgets.

Pump Aid recently won the award for International Aid and Development Charity of the year at the annual Charity Awards which aims to highlight best practice across the sector. The Charity Awards are known for their rigorous judging process with much of the marks awarded in relation to their 10 ‘Hallmarks of Excellence’. Over the last week we have been posting examples on Social Media of our work in key categories, but here is the complete list and how Pump Aid meets each of these needs in our latest project.




Celebrates Diversity

People Development






We hope we have shown you how committed we are to meeting these needs our in all of our projects. If you want to read more about the award then you can here and if you want to find out more about our Self-supply then you can read the project page or a blog entitled Self-supply: What it means and how it will change lives forever.

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