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I believe the private sector can deliver on the Global Goals

Posted on: April 15, 2016
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This is the first blog post by our Chairman, Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE, who  thinks the private sector can deliver on the new Sustainable Development Goals.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals) were set at the United Nations on 25th September 2015.

Global Goal 6 states “By 2030, achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water and access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all”. It’s clear that when this goal talks of ‘safe and affordable’ it envisions a global market-based solution. In order to deliver this Global Goal, we must leverage the innovation and energy of the private sector and Pump Aid is working on stimulating the market in one of the world’s poorest countries, Malawi, to help deliver this Global Goal.

Pump Aid is seeking businesses interested in the delivery of this Global Goal for knowledge sharing and partnership initiatives. We believe that our expertise in this area can be of benefit to businesses to stimulate and sustain a market based response even in the world’s poorest countries.

Despite decades of government and non-governmental intervention there are almost 650 million people across the world who still have no access to clean water. At present this lack of access is being exacerbated by a major issue within the current intervention model. Currently 30% of (NGO or Government provided) boreholes and 50% of gravity fed systems are not functioning, and yet appallingly governments and NGOs continue to install these systems, further perpetuating an unsustainable culture of dependency and skewing the statistics showing delivered solutions.

But we can stop this unacceptable waste of aid money, we can focus on affordable and sustainable models and we can use the market and businesses to deliver on Global Goal 6. Together Pump Aid and businesses can bring safe and affordable drinking water to those in desperate need. We are convinced the private sector has a powerful role to play.

As the Chairman of Pump Aid I am excited that we are piloting, in Malawi, an exciting initiative in partnership with UNICEF that has the potential to continue with business partnerships. The Pump Aid team in Malawi have been nurturing small scale commercial enterprises to market and install household water points paid for by those benefitting from them. Our self-supply model is stimulating demand, through activity such as aspirational marketing, as well as mentoring entrepreneurs through training in everything from business to branding. This has very quickly created a virtuous circle where access to safe water facilitates wider economic activity and growth and where income generated can be used to ensure continued safe water access.

We launched this innovative model less than a year ago and already 25 entrepreneurs are earning from self-supply. Spotting and nurturing those with real entrepreneurial talent is something we feel that businesses could easily get involved with. We believe the people who will deliver the water-related Global Goals are entrepreneurs in partnership with NGOs like Pump Aid who have tremendous experience in the sector, and corporations who want to support a growth market.

We are currently seeking businesses to scale up our support for the supply-side so that we can stop delivering initiatives that subsidise the consumer, creating an unsustainable dependency on a cycle of interventions.

If you are interested to hear more about your how your business could help let us know!