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Posted on: October 20, 2016

The SWON created by Jeff Frommer is the first affordable, user-friendly solution for conserving the massive amount of water used while showering that saves you money too.

Convenience is the façade of accessibility, and it’s easy to see why we couldn’t care less about something so available at a moment’s notice. Turn a knob, and you can wash your hands. Thirsty? Grab a bottle. We’ve commercialized something that was once so abundant it could not have been fathomed to be on the brink of extinction.

Now that’s a stark painting of reality, and probably more dire in very specific hot spots throughout the country, but it’s a very true reminder that even in today’s day and age, even in America, there are people who have run out of water. What happens when the Colorado River and Lake Mead have no more water to feed the seven states that depend on them? What would happen if California actually ran out of water? While there may not be a zombie apocalypse upon us we still need to change the way we use and think about water. Small changes can make a big impact and if the Magic School Bus taught us anything, it’s “Knowledge is Power!”.

After discovering that a shower uses about 2.5 gallons of water every minute, creator and founder, Jeff Frommer wasted no time in developing an affordable solution. The result is a wifi-connected device that fits seamlessly into your shower and works with an app to tell you the true cost in both gallons and dollars. The app then helps you identify different ways on how to save tens of thousands of gallons and hundreds of dollars in utility costs.

It installs in about one minute, and the best part… it costs $35, making it the first affordable and most user friendly conservation device ever for the shower.

By preordering on Kickstarter, $5 of your contribution will go back to organisations like Pump Aid. Learn more at or visit their Kickstarter page.