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Boston Mwense

Valuing local and international staff equally

Posted on: June 23, 2016

Here at Pump Aid we are committed to creating a working environment with equitable pay and benefits, equality of opportunity, a diverse workforce and equal respect for each individual’s contribution to the aims, values and goals of Pump Aid.

We invest considerable time and effort in creating a working environment (both in the UK and Overseas offices) in which innovation and continuous improvement is encouraged by ensuring staff are:

1. Well informed.
2. Appropriately trained.
3. Involved in decisions which affect them.
4. Treated fairly and consistently.
5. Provided with a safe working environment.

That’s true regardless of whether they are based in the UK or Malawi.

Blog post from our Finance Manager, Boston Mwense in response to a recent article about the gap between local and international workers when it comes to salaries in many other NGOs in the sector.