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Volunteering’s a Pleasure at Pump Aid

Posted on: June 1, 2016
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I started volunteering at Pump Aid in November 2015.

I already had an interest in water governance from time spent at University and I was eager to gain some first-hand experience of work within the sector. In that regards my time volunteering at Pump Aid has been fantastic. Since November 2015 I have been involved in numerous programs ranging from self-supply initiatives to researching water point functionality rates across Malawi.

It is this breadth of experience which has been the most rewarding aspect of my volunteering so far. Pump Aid is a relatively small NGO so there is a lot of scope for getting involved in all aspects of the charities work. As well as research and program development I have also been helping out with communications and fundraising events, giving me a truly holistic view on what it’s like to work in a charity. It’s a really rewarding feeling to be able to see the impact of your work, not once have I ever felt like I was just been given work to do for works sake!

The staff at Pump Aid are a delight to work with and I quickly felt very comfortable in the office. As everyone helps out each other and everyone in the office has a really strong understanding of Pump Aids work I was able to turn to anyone when I needed to and was always made to feel very welcome to do so.