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What is your retirement project?

Posted on: May 23, 2018
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When Martyn Speight retired from his job as a water engineer in 2012, he had no intention of putting his feet up! On the contrary, he set up Fair Water Connections – an association to help advance water supply competition on new housing sites. Since then he has been working with contractors in the water sector who carry out this work and gifting the money they pay to Pump Aid.

Martyn told us: “Giving developers choice has many challenges but helping the contractors I work with improve arrangements for new water supplies across England and Wales has its rewards.”

Martyn has a longstanding interest in overseas development. He has travelled in many developing countries in both Africa and Asia and seen the water challenges faced there. It is this interest that led him to become such a strong advocate and supporter of Pump Aid’s work in Malawi. He has also supported the work of Christian Aid and various Trade Justice and Fair Trade campaigns.

Martyn said: “I believe that everyone should have access to safe water and, in a small way, it is good to help this happen. I am totally behind the work that Pump Aid does in Malawi. Access to safe water and sanitation makes such a huge difference to people’s lives and to building a better future.”

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