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Archibald London partners with UK NGO Pump Aid

Posted on: October 4, 2017
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London, 1st October 2017 – Archibald London, the innovative online retailer, today announced that is has partnered with Pump Aid, a London-based international development charity, to help Pump Aid achieve its goals of training the next generation of small-business owners in Malawi, continuing to relieve water poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.

For the next 12 months Archibald London will donate £5 from every online transaction over £150 to Pump Aid. Rohan Dhir, Founder & CEO of Archibald London, says:
“Archibald London was born out of a desire to break traditional barriers and look to establish a more transparent and human-centred retail model. So, when it came to selecting a charity to support, we wanted to find an NGO that represented our own goals and aspirations.”

This year Pump Aid was crowned International Aid and Development Charity of the Year at the UK Charity Awards in recognition of its ground-breaking small-business approach to sustainable development.

Headed by a small team of people looking to challenge the traditional aid model, Pump Aid invests in the training and development of local entrepreneurs in Malawi. Entrepreneurs learn how to safely dig wells and build, install and maintain low cost, low technology household water pumps. In addition, the entrepreneurs are trained in how to protect wells from pollution and collapse, how to repair and maintain community water pumps and also in a range of basic business skills. They sell and install a range of low-cost appropriate water technologies to local communities and households, and irrigation pumps to farmers, the cost of which can be recouped over one winter harvest. Entrepreneurs are guided in building and expanding into profitable stand-alone businesses.

Michael Chuter, CEO of Pump Aid UK, says:
“The traditional NGO model for increasing access to water too often leads to low levels of functionality and a cycle of dependency. By encouraging households to invest in their own water supplies and creating the small businesses to service them, Pump Aid is challenging this model and cultivating an environment where individuals and communities can provide for themselves. So far, this new business-led approach has transformed the lives of almost 22,000 people and our partnership with Archibald London will help us expand our efforts to even more.”

As a result of Pump Aid’s entrepreneurship program access to water in these communities has been transformed:
• Safe water is now only 11 metres away from pump owners, where previously it might have been over 500m or more;
• 86% of pump users report an increase in water usage, particularly for hand washing and hygiene purposes; and
• Water pump functionality has risen from an average of 55% to almost 100%.
Pump Aid’s new approach creates and sustains local economies and helps communities break free from the cycle of dependency. It is the antithesis of an aid-dependent culture and it is the future.