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BECAUSE (of sustainable clean water) CHANGE HAPPENZ

Posted on: August 30, 2018
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Pump Aid was grateful to receive support from the Zurich Community Trust in October 2017 to enable us to deliver health, opportunities and resilience to 107 people in rural Malawi through sustainable water supplies and education.

Our mission is to help people in rural communities sub-Saharan Africa (currently focused in Malawi) to become self-reliant so they no longer need ongoing external support.  But we can’t do this alone.  We can only change lives thanks to supporters such as the Zurich Community Trust who have asked us to share the impact of their grant awarded last year.

We used this money to deliver health, opportunities and resilience through sustainable clean water supplies, sanitation and education.

Let’s take a look at one of the villages we have supported:

Well or unwell?

Here is a photo of the unprotected water supply that the people in Mphesa previously used.  This carried risks of avoidable waterborne disease and vulnerability in times of drought.  Many of the community members struggled to access potable water for domestic use so the project was a relief.

Local stakeholder engagement is key

We engage the community and local partners to include the Ministry of Health who are involved with the site identification for the well, for example, ensuring it is positioned away from potential contaminants.  These partnerships with local stakeholders are key for sustainability as they continuously monitor, mentor and supervise the communities involved after we have moved on to support more communities.

Before the inception of the project, the community members were asked to contribute locally available resources such as bricks and sand, and to provide labour. This is a very important step towards the project implementation process as it ensures ownership and project sustainability.

Now, Mphesa has safe water and sanitation facilities available to everyone

In the village of Mphesa, clean water has now been brought to 107 people and 21 households in the village, but that’s only the beginning.

Water is just the beginning…

When you improve water access, the benefits extend well beyond people being able to depend on a safe water supply:

Families no longer struggle to retrieve water, allowing them to work more, grow more and support their children for longer each day. This supports the local economy with more money being earned by each household.

For the 65 children among the 107 immediately benefiting from this project, the massive reduction in waterborne disease gives them a safer environment in which to grow, learn and play.

Ensuring a sustainable future through capacity building and education

The pump is a simple but effective technology. We trained local members of the community to be able to maintain the pump long after it was installed, so that they don’t have to depend on aid organisations like us or anyone else.

Through hygiene education, we’ve also facilitated safe hygienic practices in the community which will continue long into the future.

The pump in Mphesa is still working today and we are pleased to report that health and opportunities have improved for all members of the community.

From all of us at Pump Aid, we would like to say a big thank you to the Zurich Community Trust for supporting our projects.

Clean water is just the beginning.  Our project delivers clean water and builds the capacity and confidence of the local community to make so many other things possible.