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Chiluzi CBCC well digging

Transforming lives in Chiluzi thanks to the Big Give 2017 – update 2

Posted on: July 27, 2018
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Once again, this brief update was first sent to supporters who actively donated to Pump Aid’s successful Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017, but we can’t help but share these developments.

In our last Big Give update, we introduced you to the pre-school in Chiluzi, the care-givers receiving hygiene behaviour training and members of the local communities being mobilised and engaged.

In this update, we share preparations for the construction of the new water point and sanitation facilities.

Well… I DO know where to begin – site identification

To begin, we need to know where to construct the new facilities.  During site identification we consider possible contaminants such as toilets and rubbish pits etc.

Usually, we recommend that wells are sited at least 30 metres away from any groundwater contaminants and should be uphill and not down the slope.

Well-prepared for the new well

Here is a photo of an expert well-digger in action.

Soon after installation of the pump, the well will be cleaned using chlorine to ensure the safety of the water before any domestic usage.

Something old and something new – time to talk about toilets

The first picture below shows the old latrine at the pre-school, which children found intimidating to use.  Often, they chose not to.

The newly dug pit is being prepared for the installation of improved latrines.  There will be two sets of latrines with smaller holes suitable for children, separated for boys and girls and accessible for children with disabilities.  They will also be supplemented with nearby handwashing stations to make it easier to maintain good hygiene.

The best is yet to come…

We have laid the foundations for the new facilities and continued to engage with and educate the community.

The remaining stages are to complete construction, support the management committee in sustainability and ownership, embed hygiene behaviour education and to improve nutrition by establishing kitchen gardens.

Thanks again to all those who contributed towards Pump Aid’s success in the 2017 Big Give Christmas Challenge.  We are taking part again this year with an even more ambitious target, and the funds will help us to expand our award-winning programme which harnesses the drive of entrepreneurs to improve sustainability.

Our 20th birthday is also fast approaching and we would greatly appreciate donations as birthday presents towards the Big Give campaign.