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Transforming lives in Chiluzi thanks to the Big Give 2017 – update 3

Posted on: September 13, 2018
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Once again, this brief update was first sent to supporters who actively donated to Pump Aid’s successful Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017, but we can’t help but share these developments.

In our last Big Give update, we left you with foundations laid for the new facilities and continued engagement with the community.

In this update, we share the construction of the new water point and sanitation facilities as part of a full suite of physical installations that go into this important integrated intervention:

Water is just the beginning…

Before we installed this pump, one of the caregivers pictured had to travel over 1km to fetch water from an unprotected source and the water was prioritised for cooking only, with rarely enough to clean utensils and certainly not enough to use for handwashing.

The water point is shared with the community (though the pre-school ALWAYS has priority) which means hundreds benefit from better health and productivity in exchange for a small fee which goes towards repairs and materials for the pre-school, such as firewood and soap.

In at number two are the toilets and handwashing stations

Here we show progress from one dark hut to a set of child-friendly toilets, separated for boys and girls, with access for those with mobility issues.  Handwashing stations are installed adjacent to the toilets and have plentiful clean water.  Together, these facilities serve to reinforce good hygiene behaviour and reduce incidences of waterborne disease.

Feeding the body and mind

And the last of the tangible components to this project is the kitchen garden which provides a wider range of nutritious vegetables to supplement nutrition for the children, resulting in better physical and cognitive development.  Water from the new pump means it is easy to irrigate these crops, even in the dry season, and any surplus produce can be sold to add to the pre-school kitty.

Almost there

A lot has changed for the people in Chiluzi and they are very grateful for the opportunities that will come from having new water, sanitation and garden facilities.

However, to ensure project sustainability, we still need to embed good hygiene behaviours not only in the children, but also in the care-givers and wider community.  We also support the creation and training of a management committee so that responsibilities and decisions are shared and made for everyone’s benefit.

Thanks again for all who promoted and supported our Big Give project last year; we could not improve lives for the people in and around Chiluzi alone.  Please also keep your eyes peeled for updates about the Big Give 2018!