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School Visit July 2015 (4)

Getting messy at Danegrove School

Posted on: August 14, 2015

Pump Aid had the delight of visiting Year 1 pupils at Danegrove School to talk about water availability and the work that Pump Aid does. We had lots of questions about what we use water for, how much we use it and where it comes from. The pupils were particularly amazed at how far children in Malawi had to walk to collect their water, every single day.

We couldn’t wait to get outdoors and play water related games and activities. The class enjoyed dipping their hands in glitter to see how quickly it spread but only when they realised that the glitter could be ‘germs’ they understood just how easily germs can pass on, even when they thought their hands were clean!

To clean up we showed the class how to build and use a ‘Tippy Tap’. Tippy taps are used for hand washing in Malawi and help save lives by reducing the spread of illnesses and disease. Encouraging good hygiene behaviour for young children is vital in Malawi to enhance their survival, growth and development to prepare them for primary education and further life opportunities. The tippy tap is made out of basic materials including a plastic carton, string and wood. Below is one in use:

DSC01692girl hand washing

School Visit July 2015 (6)School Visit July 2015 (4)

We finished the afternoon with a water bucket race where the class carried water across the playground, thankfully not on their heads! The class wrote some lovely messages on droplets to show what they had learnt from the day.
If you’re part of a school or community group and would like a visit from Pump Aid we’d love to hear from you! Please contact our Fundraising Coordinator Emily for more information, emilygait@pumpaid.org.

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