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Floods hit Malawi

Posted on: January 16, 2015

As well as being one of the poorest countries in the world, Malawi is currently facing some of the worse floods in history. The number of people suffering from waterborne diseases is multiplying and families are losing their livelihoods.

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Flooding poses huge health risks and leads to the contamination of unprotected water resources. Millions of people in Malawi rely on unprotected wells for the water they use to drink. Pump Aid’s wells and pumps are designed and built to protect against contamination.

Rob Stroud, Pump Aid’s Technical Advisor in Malawi comments:

Rains this year have been especially heavy. In the areas where Pump Aid works we have seen the contamination of many unprotected wells as a result of flooding and the health problems this causes. Changing rain patterns are having a devastating impact on the lives of poor communities in Malawi. As well as health consequences, small scale farmers are loosing crops as a result of flooding. Families will go hungry. Here at Pump Aid we’re working to make sure water resources are protected and people have safe water to drink.”

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If you are interested and would like to read more then click on the following link to the BBC website for the latest news: http://bbc.in/17Prv7y