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Gillotts Fundraising Success

Posted on: December 17, 2015

It’s that time of year when giving takes precedent and we are delighted to report on the ongoing fundraising taking place at Gillotts School, who have decided to sponsor a pump for a village in Malawi. So far they have managed to raise £466 through a raffle at the local Christmas festival in Henley, which will have an enormous impact for the village’s future. The scale of the issues facing Africa mean it can be easy to forget the people at the heart of every story you read, and with the extraordinary work done by Gillotts School we want to take a moment to really explain how and more importantly who the money is going to help. Family at pump The money is going to be used to build an Elephant Pump which will provide safe water for a community of over 120 people in Malawi.  All the materials for an Elephant Pump are locally sourced so can be easily replaced and transported, making it a great source of sustainable water. The pump will provide a vital source of safe drinking water which will help combat the spread of disease caused by drinking from an un-protected water source such as a river or lake, which will enable children to return to school as they will no longer be absent due to illness. We think it’s wonderful that students in the UK are enabling students in Africa to be able to return to education. The water provided will also be used to irrigate crops providing the village with a vital supply of food. Malawi_ChaireOh_Feb2014 (29) Gillotts have planned further fundraising activities including a cake stall, a pump aid quiz and a non uniform day at their school, and we wish them the best of luck. At the end of the fundraising Gillotts school will be awarded with a certificate which will have photos of the installed pump and a breakdown of exactly how many people benefit from it. Read more about how you can sponsor a pump here and contact Emily at emilygait@pumpaid.org for more information. If you’re interested in the work done by Pump Aid and would like to read more you can do so here.