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Introducing Deliah Music

Posted on: June 13, 2017
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Pump Aid have recently partnered up with Deliah for the release of their new single ‘Waiting For The Rain’. We had the chance to find out more about them and why they have chosen to support Pump Aid, and we liked it so much we thought we would share it with you.


Could you give us a brief insight into Deliah?
I’m Michelle and I’m 25, the other half of Deliah is Alex and he is 23. Alex and I actually met in our audition for university. We were thrown into a room together and had an hour to write a song. Despite Alex being disgustingly hungover (yes hung over for his university audition) we managed to pull a fairly decent song together – 5 years later we’re still writing.

How did you get into music?
Alex: Mum wanted me to learn piano, but a guy on my street played bass. Being a pre-teen that was into Linkin Park, I thought that bass was ‘cooler’. So, to her dismay I started playing bass instead, though now wish I had learnt piano.
Michelle: I was always the one in our Performing Arts class who was forced to sing things but I never took it that seriously. Then my ex – boyfriend’s little brother needed a singer for his new band ‘The Gallery’ (- I know typical first band name) so I said yes for a laugh – now it’s pretty serious haha!

What was the inspiration for the song ‘Waiting for the rain’?
We recently travelled across Vietnam and our eyes were really opened to the way that other cultures live. You know, we take for granted waking up and taking a shower in the morning, but these guys are cooking on the street using bottles of water. And even that is a luxury in comparison to what some other cultures are experiencing.

So it inspired us to write a song that would open the western worlds eyes to what’s going on. While we’re busy using up a lot of the planets resources, other people are busy just trying to survive. So on the one hand the lyrics ‘waiting for the rain to save you’ is a literal take on what some people are experiencing, but on the other hand it’s an ironic take on how western societies will just continue to take until it’s too late. We’re waiting for the rain in a sense that we’ll just keep using and using until our lands eventually flooding is the only thing that will stop us.

Pop music has such a powerful influence on people, but not often enough is it used to talk about the things that are really important. We believe that if you have a platform from which you can make a difference to the world, in a positive way – use it.

Why did you decide to support Pump Aid?
Pump Aid are doing some incredibly beautiful and innovative things – International Aid and Development Charity of 2017 – says it all really. But when we approached Pump Aid they were excited, and that’s what drew us in. They were excited to be involved in a new idea and work with a creative concept, and I think that is incredibly important in the world we’re moving into, with people who are open and excited about new ideas. Because, in the end, it is those mothers, fathers, grandparents, brothers and sisters who are living with water poverty that will benefit from us all working together.

What’s next for Deliah?
We have a plan for the rest of the year that involves releasing a couple more singles, with the aim to write and release music about things that matter to us. We all have our relationship problems but I think there are enough songs out there covering that. In light of recent events, we believe that now more than ever its the creatives and innovators of our time that need to step up and talk about what’s important, to open a dialogue, so that people can get involved and become more aware of what really matters. So we plan to continue opening up that dialogue through our music and through our gigs. So go check it out, get on board.

Deliah Album

You can hear their new song by clicking here and if you like it then let them know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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