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Providing Mng’ona preschool with water and sanitation

Posted on: February 11, 2016

In Malawi, there are over 9,000 pre-schools supported by the government but over three quarters of these have no access to clean water or hygienic toilets.

Lack of clean water and poor hygiene can lead to the spread of diseases such as diarrhoea, which can be fatal for children under 5. Pump Aid is currently crowd funding to provide one of Malawi’s preschools with hygienic toilets and a safe source of water; increasing school attendance, improving learning and giving children on the first rung of the educational ladder the best possible start in life.

The preschool is based in Mng’ona, in the district of Mchinji, West Malawi. Mng’ona is extremely isolated and the nearest 10 surrounding villages consist of just 668 people.



Our Programme Manager, Samuel recently visited Mng’ona pre-school; “ I was shown around a shell of a building, there were no windows, no doors and the roof was poorly fitted and looked likely to collapse. This visit reinforced to me the importance of making sure that at the very least the pupils here can have access to safe water and sanitation.”

This project is still in its early stages as we are currently engaging with the traditional authorities and elders of the village to ensure everyone’s needs are met and the pre-school can be a safe and clean environment for children to develop and learn.

The next step is an important bit of our project and it’s where we need your help. With your support we can start sourcing the materials for construction and begin drawing up the exact locations for the water source and toilet blocks.  Choosing the sites is important as we need to make sure that they are close enough to the school so that the kids are safe, but not so close so as to risk contamination.

Well maintained these facilities will be working for the next 20 years, providing safe water and sanitation to over 5,000 children.

Any donation, however big or small will help us reach our target of £10 ,193. Visit our page to read more about the project and give a gift today – http://www.globalgiving.co.uk/projects/water-childhood-development/