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Pump Aid Expands Pre-school Programme

Posted on: August 16, 2017
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Thanks to the support of International Rotary we are delighted to report a major expansion of our pre-school WASH programme, with work to build water points and child-friendly latrines in eleven pre-schools in Central Malawi starting this month.

In August 2014, Derek McRae of Inverness Culloden Rotary Club (a major supporter of Pump Aid who, along with his club’s international chairman had visited Malawi in 2009) told us they were putting together an approach to the International Rotary Foundation (based in the USA) for a $40,000 project which they hoped to launch the following year.

We were delighted to have been chosen by the Rotary Club and despite hitting some delays and challenges along the way of this journey, the club’s motivation and support for Pump Aid was highlighted through their achievement of using the time to source additional funds to increase the value of the project.

All our perseverance was rewarded and, in February 2017, we learned we were able to progress with our international application and the value of our grant has now increased to $63,000

The start of this project is a tribute to the commitment of Derek McRae and the members of Inverness Culloden Rotary Club who never gave up and, it is entirely thanks to them that this life-changing project is now going ahead. To find out more about our work in pre-schools visit our project here.