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Pump Aid Patrick Luong AidEx Innovation Challenge Finalist Award

The AidEx Innovation Challenge Award

Posted on: November 15, 2017
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Pump Aid were one of four finalists in the AidEx Innovation Challenge 2017 in Brussels today for Rainmaker, their irrigation pump and accompanying delivery system, alongside WeatherHYDE by BillionBricks and E’CHLO BY Photalia.

The AidEx Innovation Challenge is an exciting opportunity for those with a unique idea to help others. The award is open to design agencies, engineering companies and also individuals – anyone who has a new concept or product that will save or improve lives. It is a unique chance to pitch life-changing innovations to a panel of experts from the sector live at AidEx.  A huge congratulations to the 2017 winner,  Zéphyr Solar Balloon – a French start-up developing solar balloons that help bring energy and services quickly to isolated sites.

Pump Aid showcased its solution to ending water poverty and food insecurity in Malawi: bringing sustainable access to clean water and irrigation to some of the poorest and hardest to reach communities in the world by combining an innovative award-winning “self-supply” delivery model with access to simple and affordable pump technologies.  This innovative solution has been shown to restore independence to individuals and communities in Malawi and break the cycle of water poverty, putting an end to aid dependency.

Pump Aid Irrigation Pump technology rope and washer NGO award winning design                     Pump Aid Irrigation Pump technology rope and washer NGO award winning design

Now in its 8th year, AidEx is established as the leading platform for the international aid and development community to come together and improve the efficiency of aid.  Pump Aid was short-listed for this year’s award from hundreds of applicants, making it into the final round at the event in Brussels.

AidEx is a two-day event, which encompasses a conference, exhibition, meeting areas, awards and workshops. Its fundamental aim is to engage the sector at every level and provide a forum for aid & development professionals to meet, source, supply and learn.

AidEx was created to help the international aid and development community engage the private sector in a neutral setting, drive innovation and support the ever-growing need for emergency aid and development programmes.

Self-supply at a glance:

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>You can download Patrick Luong’s presentation here: Pump Aid AidEx Presentation
>This year Pump Aid was crowned International Aid and Development Charity of the year at the UK Charity Awards for its self-supply model.
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