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WWDay 2017

World Water Day 2017: Water #MeansToMe

Posted on: March 1, 2017

Thank you for everyone’s support for World Water Day. We managed to reach over 100,000 people with our online wave which has helped share our new project across the world.

Well done for everyone’s entries for our Photo Competition ‘What Water #MeansToMe’.  We’re pleased to announce the winner of our competition to be Malumbo Simwaka. His photo lies below with the captionFor me water has a big meaning, it’s more than just a life and I wonder if one can survive without it ‘:

Malumbo Simwaka World Water Day Winner


A glass of water, watering the garden, cooking food, walking along a canal, surfing on a wave, swimming in the sea. We use water every day and it means something different to all of us.

Wednesday 22nd March is World Water Day and we’ll be sharing stories from our entrepreneurs and communities from our recent innovative project, Self-supply to share what water means to them. Find out more below and take part in our photo competition to share with us what water means to you.


Across the world 1 in 10 people still live with no access to clean water. Whilst many initiatives led by governments and NGOs have done a great deal to improve the rural water supply in Africa, many pumps end up abandoned when they break down, even though a simple fix could put the pump back into operation.

Over the last two years Pump Aid has been testing a different approach of reducing water poverty which no longer depends on financial aid from NGOs or government funding. We’ve been training and supporting local entrepreneurs in Malawi so they can set up their own water business to repair and sell pumps in order to provide clean water in their own communities, forever.

Find out more by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and read our entrepreneur’s stories, watch videos, ask questions and join our discussions…


>Join the Wave:  Sign up to our Thunderclap and help us create a wave on World Water Day itself. Sign up with today and help grow our community  – Join our Thunderclap.

>Photo Competition: Water #MeansToMe 
What does water mean to you? Submit a photo in our competition with your answer. Is it relaxing near a lake, walking in the rain, surfing the waves, growing plants, a cool drink…Could you paint it, draw it? To enter the competition post your photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #MeansToMe and @PumpAid, or send it to info@pumpaid.org.

Our favourite photo will be announced on World Water Day, 22nd March, revealed on our website and the winner will receive a Pump Aid limited edition mug.

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