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Core Themes

Across the communities where we work, visitors will see the centrepiece of our legacy: the Elephant Pump. A squat block made of cement or bricks with a large spigot, it may not look like much from the outside, but inside a simple system of PVC pipes, ropes, washers and a single wheel are hard at work drawing protected water up from several metres below the surface.

The same pump that launched Pump Aid’s work back in 1998 continues to serve as a core part of our programmes, but today the scope of our services has expanded to meet the broader, related needs of the rural and remote communities where we work.

Our work today increasingly seeks to bring clean safe water to ever more remote and rural communities. In order to provide an appropriate and sustainable intervention for some of the poorest and most remote communities we have developed a range of programmes including a self supply approach using rope and washer pumps which can deliver water at the household level or our urban development work that is looking at waste disposal as well as water in the wider hygiene environment that impacts on health and life prospects. You can read about all of our programmes here.

Water pumps do not exist in a vacuum — providing safe water changes the ecosystem of an entire village. To maximise the impact of safe and reliable water sources, a host of related needs including adequate sanitation, repair and maintenance training, hygiene facilitation, and ongoing assessments, data collection and research are all critical to the effectiveness of our work.

We deliver our work across six key themes: