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Our Story

Since 1998, Pump Aid has delivered sustainable water solutions to over 9,500 communities in rural sub-Saharan Africa. Today 1.35 million people have access to safe water supplies and improved sanitation as a direct result of our work.

Turn on a tap, open a bottle, flush a toilet. For many people, access to safe, clean water and sanitation is as simple as that.

But today around the world


lack daily access to
Safe Drinking Water Safe Drinking Water


live without basic
functional sanitation.

2014 Update: Progress on Drinking Water and Sanitation, WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation

Pump Aid’s mission is to achieve lasting positive change in poor and disadvantaged communities by improving the quality, availability and use of water and sanitation and, by harnessing the power of the community, local businesses and partners in other sectors, provide access to affordable, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Pump Aid is a previous recipient of the Pan-African Award for Entrepreneurship, the St Andrews Prize for the Environment and the World Bank Development Marketplace Award and this year won the International Aid and Development Award at the 2017 UK Charity Awards.

With major funding from the UK Department for International Development, UNICEF and other donors, including Thirsty Planet, we are reaching greater numbers of people, going beyond water to provide critically related services including sanitation and hygiene training, and developing self-supply programmes.

Our Story

Our achievements:

Since our beginning in 1998, Pump Aid has worked across Malawi, Zimbabwe and Liberia to deliver safe and protected water points to an estimated
1.35 million people.

In Malawi alone, we have delivered 4,230 pumps, serving more than 487,600 people a day.

Our future goals:

We are committed
to helping to end
water poverty in

With support from the UK Department for International Development and other donors we are now working to:

build a further 1,500 pumps, reaching 150,000 people by 2016, and 1 million people by 2018.

Join us and be part of our mission to change people’s lives