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Pump sponsorship is one of the most concrete ways to make a real impact and give access to safe water to rural communities in need.

Sponsorship is not just about supplying water; it provides communities with a package of vital services to ensure lasting sustainability, skills training on pump maintenance and repair, as well as support and expert facilitation for improved hygiene and sanitation practices.

For £3,000, Pump sponsorship by a group, organisation, family or individual, leads to direct impacts that are:

  • Measurable
  • Sustainable
  • Local
  • Empowering


For every water pump installed in the villages where we work there are more children in school, fewer people with preventable water-related illness and more economic opportunities. A protected water source prevents contamination from faecal matter, which leads to illnesses such as diarrhoea and, in some cases, death.



Our holistic services ensure that the water pump, once installed, is maintained sustainably and managed by the community. Pump Aid remains engaged with each community to help solve any problems as they arise.



A protected water pump close to home saves hours of time for women who walk long distances to a water source, often to find it empty or contaminated. Hours saved means more time for increased economic productivity and more children, particularly girls, in school.



Across all of our pump programme activities, we work to ensure traditionally marginalised groups are integrated into planning and decision making. We especially work with women to improve their involvement and participation in decision making related to the community’s pump.


Pump Sponsorship Facts

Pump Aid Water Pump
120 people served with just one pump

The cost of a single pump sponsorship package is £3,000 including pump materials, installation, training, community engagement, repair and maintenance, and monitoring and evaluation. Each pump serves up to approximately 120 people. Our comprehensive approach ensures the ongoing sustainability and stewardship of the pump over the long term.

Pump Aid Water Drop
Personalised certificate in return for your vital support

In return for your vital support, Pump Aid will present you with a personalised certificate recognising your sponsorship. We’ll also help you share stories about your support and the lives you are helping to transform with updates and photographs of your sponsored pump and the community it serves.

Pump Aid Water Pump
487,000 people now have access to safe water in Malawi

Today the 4,230 pumps that we have installed in Malawi provide over 487,000 people in rural areas with improved access to safe water. Thanks to the support of individuals and organisations, we are reaching more and more people with life-saving water and related services.


With your help we can achieve much more

Please send us an email info@pumpaid.org or call us +44 (0)845 504 6972 to sponsor a pump and save lives.

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