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Trusts and Foundations

How Trusts and Foundations make a difference

As a Trust or Foundation you can choose to support a specific project or allow us to use your donation where it will make the most difference. Whichever you decide, your support will enable us to deliver life changing projects that help some of the most vulnerable people in Malawi and beyond.

As a small, agile organisation, Pump Aid has the flexibility to enhance its programmes and projects so that they make the greatest impact on people living in rural Malawi.

Pump Aid Water Pump
Pump Aid has installed more than 9,500 water pumps that meet the needs and conditions particular to every unique community.

We started working in Africa in 1998 and to date have installed over 9,500 pumps. Our portfolio of services now includes more than 4,230 pumps serving over 487,600 people in Malawi.



We are currently fundraising for a number of critical projects that deliver life-saving water solutions to some of the poorest communities in Malawi.

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Visit our work to learn more, or contact Patrick Luong at PatrickLuong@pumpaid.org or +44 (0)203 727 4702 .

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