To Provide Mchere Camp with protected water; improved control and management of excreta, solid waste and wastewater; and to promote improve hygiene and sanitation practices in order to create a safer environment and better health and minimise the spread of disease.



  • Consult displaced people and school hosts on the design and  siting of new toilets/latrines
  • Construct at least 11 additional latrines
  • Discuss with elderly and disabled people about their needs and  the design for the construction or modification of one accessible  latrine for men and one for women


  • Provide gum boots, gloves, mops, masks, shovels and cleaning products for the members of the Voluntary
  • Coordinating Committee (VCC)
  • Distribute buckets with lids to ensure each household  has at least 2 buckets
  • Distribute cups to ensure each household has at least 2 cups
  • Distribute mosquito nets and promote their correct use, prioritising the 436 people in high-risk groups such as pregnant and feeding  mothers, babies, infants, older people and the infirm.
  • Distribute sanitary pads
  • Monthly distribution of at least 400 bars of soap

Hygiene and Sanitation Behaviour Change

  • Create hand-washing station at all latrines with soap
  • Hand-washing stations to be managed by VCC to ensure they  have soap and water at all times
  • Provide hygiene Promotion training of trainers with VCC, school  teachers and Concern Staff
  • Create a hand-washing station at the feeding centre, where cooks  can wash their hands before preparing food
  • Create 2 hand-washing stations at the feeding centres, where  people can wash their hands before collecting food. Consider  setting up more if this causes congestion at meal times
  • Clear spill way at taps to allow water to drain into soak away pit
  • Currently the VCC is delegating latrine cleaning and solid waste  tasks. Encourage the VCC to take full control of latrine cleaning  and solid waste as in other camps.

Not included but highly desirable

  • Camp wide hygiene and sanitation behaviour change  triggering sessions
  • Community based hygiene and sanitation behaviour  change follow up sessions