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Community Groups

Community giving is a meaningful way to bring people together and raise both awareness and vital funds for people in need of life-saving safe, secure and sustainable water solutions.

Give - Community Groups

As a member of a faith-based community, school, sports team, women’s group or society, you can act as a local ambassador for Pump Aid, mobilising your networks to help rural households in Malawi.

Planning an event?

If you are interested in hosting or planning a fundraising event with your community group, we will work with you to ensure it is a huge success. We are happy to brainstorm ideas, provide fundraising materials, messaging points, and other information, and give you general support for running your event.

More information

To learn more, contact Pump Aid’s fundrasing team at info@pumpaid.org or +44 (0)845 504 6972.

Other ways of giving