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Give water. Give life.

What better way to leave a lasting legacy than to include a gift for Pump Aid in your will?

You can create meaningful change by helping us to deliver life-saving water solutions to some of the poorest people in the world. We believe everyone has the right to access safe, clean water. By supporting us with a legacy you could be part of our work for many years to come.

We are relatively small charity, but our impact is significant. Leaving a gift in your will enables us to carry on this life-saving and life-changing work.


More information

Please email Pump Aid at  fundraising@pumpaid.org or call us at +44 (0)845 504 6972.

Did you know?

if you leave at least 10% of your estate to Pump Aid in your will, you’ll qualify for the reduced rate of inheritance tax of 36%? Visit Legacy10 to find out more and calculate your donation.

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