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Dowa District, Central Malawi
2021 - 2023

Generously funded by the Waterloo Foundation in memory of Janet Alexander, a former Trustee of the foundation. 

In 2020, Martin Paterson and the Waterloo Foundation selected this initiative to be recipient of a special memorial grant to Janet Alexander, Trustee of the Foundation, and a great supporter of small scale business initiatives in Africa.

This web page will provide regular updates of the entrepreneurs and the communities where pumps have been repaired.

Click here to make a donation in memory of Janet.

1. Background

Since 2014, Pump Aid has been developing a ‘Pump Mechanic entrepreneur’ based solution to one of rural Malawi’s most pressing problems – broken community water pump.

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2. Entrepreneur update: meet Maggie

At 32 years old, Maggie began her journey as a pump mechanic, seeing it as an opportunity to help her community access clean and safe water. 

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In Memorium

Janet was many things to many people and she achieved some of her major ambitions as a Trustee of The Waterloo Foundation. This Foundation are now generously supporting Pump Aid’s effective and novel approach in Janet’s memory as a specific new initiative. This initiative is developing a sustainable network of water provision, training and maintenance infrastructure in Malawi.

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